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Without enough to do, cats may become destructive, depressed, or obese. One way to help prevent those problems is by providing adequate enrichment. Electronic cat toys can be a lot of fun for your feline friends and provide much needed stimulation. 

Here are a few options for cat toys that move and don’t require more manual intervention than simply turning on the switch and overseeing playtime.

Floppy Fish

This fish has over 43,000 reviews and ratings on Amazon, with an average of 4.1 stars. Instead of relying on batteries, the floppy fish is USB rechargeable and the motor can be removed to make cleaning the toy easier.

Flapping Duck

These adorable ducks flap their wings to entice play time. Similar to floppy fish above, this toy does not require batteries and is USB rechargeable. With over 2,000 reviews and an average of 4.3 stars, these flapping ducks seem to be a hit.

3-in-1 Interactive Toy

This cat toy that moves is serious about capturing your feline’s attention. Feathers randomly poke out of holes in a version of whack-a-mole. On the top of the toy, a butterfly flies around on swinging wires. As if that wasn’t enough, balls on tracks await being batted around. While this toy does run on batteries, it also has an option to be plugged in directly instead.


If your cat seems discontent, or particularly troublesome, they might be bored. Occasionally breaking out an electronic cat toy that provides movement and sounds can add a satisfying dimension to play time.

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